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Fun Instagram Facts You Should Know

Fun Instagram Facts You Should Know

Most people use social media these days. It is so much fun that it is hard to imagine a life without it nearby these days. Even business owners and entertainers use the sites. Our President uses the sites, with Twitter being his favourite.

Tons of platforms exist. Each platform has something unique to offer to appeal to its audience. Instagram is one of the most popular. Would you like to know more about this popular site to decide if it is something worth your time? Take a look at some fun and interesting facts and gather the information that you need.

Hashtag for Instagram

Instagram is a site that uses hashtags to promote content so if you want to be seen, make sure your posts contain plenty of them. The more hashtags, the more chance you have to reach a larger audience of people who want to see what you’ve uploaded. Learn more about the trending hashtags, popular hashtags, and don’t be afraid to make your own.

Best Time to Post

Sunday and Monday seem to be the two best days to post content to social media but this varies from one platform to another. Evening posts on these days on IG is a great way to generate more likes, shares, and comments.

Numbers Everywhere

Around 400 million people use IG every single day! More than 55% of all 18 – 29-year-old adults use Instagram on a daily basis and many spend a considerable amount of time using the site each day. Although people in other age brackets use the site, the numbers aren’t quite so large. If you want to befriend or target for business people who fall into this age bracket, IG certainly puts you where you want and need to be.

Get Followers

You can get followers to add to your IG account by posting unique material that pertains to your audience’s tastes. But you can also get more followers on Instagram if you buy them. This is an affordable purchase that you can benefit from making so don’t wait any longer to get what you need.

Not Just the U.S.

Don’t assume that Instagram account users reside only in the United States. In fact, the site is popular across the world and many users reside in Russia and Brazil!

Brand Following

People with IG accounts use the site for many reasons, including to interact and share photos, however, most also use it to interact or at least follow their favorite brands. Statistics report that most Instagram account holders follow at least one brand, but most follow several brands. 5% of these people will make a purchase with this brand in the future!

Final Thoughts

How much of this information did you already know? Many people were clueless so don’t feel bad if you had no idea. Use this information and you can get more followers on Instagram the easy way. Aren’t you ready to enjoy the perks of that decision?

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